Who We Are

BxAcorn Counseling Services is unique. Why? We have created a new model for addiction treatment and behavioral healthcare treatment. It’s called Accelerated Therapeutic Responses (ATR).

Addiction and Behavioral Health issues affect millions. Each person is unique. Maintaining long term recovery is stressful and often overwhelming. Accelerated Therapeutic Responses (ATR) is the leading edge approach to recovery. It is tailored for specific individual needs and minimizes negative emotions. Studies reveal that the most effective treatment plans deal with co-occurring disorders comprised of both Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health. The effectiveness of the ATR approach is that it offers solutions for both disorders as though they are one.

BxAcorn is committed to ‘fostering human excellence’ by providing the best and most effective, holistic, behavioral health and addiction treatment services available to our clients. We believe that people are naturally resilient and capable of overcoming extreme odds if given solid resources to succeed. We provide these resources.

What We Do

BxAcorn offers 30 day and longer term intensive immersion services as a personalized blueprint for recovery from substance use disorders and mental health disorders.

Our admissions team arranges comprehensive evaluation of each client. A personalized treatment plan is designed for each client to optimize success in long term recovery.

Our team of licensed and specialized clinicians work with each client and their family in individual and group settings to provide a solid foundation for recovery.

Upon completion of clinical services, the client will have been furnished with a toolbox of essential disciplines required to manage their life in a healthy way.