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Stay-at-Home-Mom Depression Is Real—and Women Are Finally Talking About It

Chaunie Brusie Glamour December 19, 2018 Last week an article on today.com elicited a collective “THIS” from women across the Web thanks to its frank take on an underdiscussed but very real mental health challenge: stay-at-home-mom depression. The essay—written by Megan Powell, the 32-year-old mother of five behind the blog Momma’s Tired—nailed the day-to-day reality […]

The Trauma-Competent Clinician: A Qualitative Model of Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes Supporting Adlerian-Based Trauma Psychotherapy

By Melinda R. Paige, Ph.D, LPC, CPCS, NCC Abstract We present in this article qualitative data to empirically support the idea Adlerians have many of the foundational skills, beliefs, and knowledge required to be trauma-competent clinicians. In doing so, we posit evidence-based trauma-counseling competencies for trauma counselor education, training, and development using applied principles of […]