Today as I write this I have 20 months’ sobriety and I honestly believe that the Acorn staff has a great deal to do with this fact. In the first few months of my sobriety it was suggested to me to take part in an intensive outpatient program. In utter defeat from the disease of addiction I agreed to do so. My desire to change and the quality of the staff at Acorn made the first few months of sobriety possible. The people who work here have genuine concern for the people seeking help. They helped me come to realizations about myself and develop relationships with peers, which I was reluctant to do. Many of the staff members have personal experience with the disease of addiction and as an addict I greatly appreciate counselors who have shared experiences. I am forever grateful for this place and continue to come back as an alumni member.

Christine S.Acorn Alumna

I’ve been to treatment 5 other times and my experience at Acorn was by far the most helpful. To be honest it’s the counselors that were the most helpful to me. A majority of the treatment facilities I have been to I felt they were really in it for the insurance money and if I got sober as well, that’s great. Here at Acorn, honestly, I felt like my sobriety was top priority. I wasn’t always happy with what the counselors asked me to do and it wasn’t always easy but they pushed me to do what was best to achieve sobriety and maintain it. I would recommend this program to anyone who truly wants to be sober but needs help to achieve it.

David S.Acorn Alumnus

As a client at Acorn, I have learned that my addiction is a disease and there are steps to keep the disease at bay. The group therapy and one-on-one counseling sessions helped me realize I was not alone in this journey. The staff at Acorn were very knowledgeable and compassionate and were able to help me start my road to recovery.

Angela G.Acorn Alumna

I can say to anyone starting this program that it is a great place to start a great recovery of all that you are dealing with in life, addictions, trauma, family issues. The staff and clinical team are knowledgeable, caring, non-judgmental, and do everything to help and heal anything you are dealing with. I have learned a lot about myself and learned so many coping skills to keep me connected with my 12-step program. Overall, it’s an outstanding place to be and it’s going to be very hard to leave my family.

Kevin E.Acorn Alumnus

I had the pleasure of participating in Acorn’s Intensive Outpatient Therapy and I can tell you first hand of a wonderful experience. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and helped me understand why my disease is what it is, and they provided me with very successful coping skills. I have been sober for over a year and know that Acorn was pivotal in this success.

Russel L.Acorn Alumnus

I honestly do not think I could have gotten sober anywhere other than Acorn. They really seem to care and are obviously not in it for the money. Praise be Acorn.

Steven L.Acorn Alumnus

Acorn helped me reconnect with my program. Without this program I don’t know where I would be. I’ve learned a lot about communication and building boundaries.

Josh K.Acorn Alumnus

Acorn taught me to take suggestions, even the ones I did not like, to achieve sobriety.

Derek S.Acorn Alumnus

Acorn has equipped me with knowledge, tools, and empowerment. Acorns approach, using individual, group, and family therapy and education, provided growth in depth into the areas of addiction, psychological care, as well as adoption of healing and tactical strategies for myself, family, and friends. I have a greater understanding of the physiological and psychological responses from the human brain and physical body from trauma and from addiction. I learned positive cognitive behaviors and what is meant by genuine self-care. As a result of the comprehensive program, I am able to recognize, deal with and respond to emotions that I previously suppressed and that fostered unhealthy behaviors.

The team at Acorn complement one another, and their individual skills, experience, and life applications enhance the program and individual experience. Acorn’s team fosters respect, recognition of each individual’s similarities and camaraderie with the other participants. These principles are verbally spoken to and demonstrated.

Additionally, Acorn’s support team continually reinforced best practices as related to a personal investment in a recovery program. This often stretched me to a point of discomfort, however the benefits are recognizable. Encouragement and support from the staff and from other program attendees assisted in ensuring these proven techniques are part of my ongoing lifestyle. With the extended grace of God, along with use of the knowledge, tools and lifestyle, I will live a life of recovery and peace.

Mindy O.Acorn Alumna

My son has epilepsy and is an alcoholic. Before Acorn, our life was filled with sleepless nights and days of fear for our son’s life. After many seizures, a DUI, wrecks (one wreck totaling seven cars), our son admitted he was an alcoholic and that needed help. He entered a detox hospital and enrolled in outpatient care at Acorn. Our fear for his life eased as we watched him change and heal through the twelve steps and counseling at Acorn. During his recovery, he would escape anxiety, stress, problems or a bad day to what he called his “safe place,” Acorn. The staff, group sessions and counseling at Acorn saved his life as well as my life. Our son has been seizure free and sober for 18 months. He now works and lives in his own apartment and is a healthy, loving, caring, giving, responsible, hard-working man, who I am proud, blessed and grateful to call my son. Still today, he and I call or drop by to see our friends at Acorn. We are so thankful to have Acorn’s continued support. Our hearts smile and include some tears of joy when we look back at his recovery with Acorn. We will be forever grateful to his “safe place,” Acorn, for teaching him the correct tools to live sober and for giving our family my son and my life back

Vickii C.Family Member

My husband and I will forever be grateful to Acorn for their very important part in saving our daughter’s life.  She had been on and off (mostly on) drugs for over 10 years and we had tried rehab twice to no avail.  It came to feel like she was dead.  We had basically lost our daughter.  She was a stranger to us.  Worse than a stranger.  She was the haunting shell of the beautiful young lady who we once loved and who once loved us.  Every morning for years we awoke with dreadful heartache.  We went about our lives as best we could, we tried every possible thing we could to help her.  We wrestled and wrestled with the problem and talked about it almost 24/7 for all those years.  It was always there.  The heartbreak that our daughter was gone to us.  If anyone has a loved one with an addiction problem they know exactly what I’m talking about.

When she hit rock bottom we decided to try rehab one more time.  This time it was in an inpatient 3-month program, Bradford in Birmingham Alabama.  That was where she started to get her life back.  She detoxed, got clean and had intensive counseling sessions.  We will forever feel that Bradford helped save her life.  It is a highly respected Rehab facility.  When she left there they referred us to Sober Living outside Atlanta, GA which they said was doing great things.  And, though she was clean, she still had a lot of work to do to become functional again.

The counseling and support she has received from Acorn has been amazing.  Nothing less.  Her counselor has been wonderful.  A true professional with wisdom and compassion.  Our daughter made a great connection with her.  With her help and with the help of the sober living team and God we have our daughter back again.  She has been clean for two years.  She has a full-time job and a stable relationship.  And her relationship with us and with her sister has been repaired fully.  She is once again the sweet loving daughter that I always knew.  So many things that we thought were personality issues weren’t.  It was all from drugs.  Our experience has been that Acorn knows drug addicts – how they think, the many pitfalls they are susceptible to and yet is also able to see their individual strengths and value.  I thank God every morning and every night for giving me my daughter back.  This wouldn’t have been possible without Acorn.  Acorn has been a blessing for us.

Karen S.Family Member

By the time my daughter ended up at Acorn, she was a veteran of multiple rehabs. She was a model rehab client. She would enter the program, do what she was told, said what she should say, and complete the program. She would be sent on her way with a hope and a prayer, and then relapse within a short time. The difference with Acorn is they have never just sent her on her way. They have stuck by her, providing guidance, support, and tools. They have held her accountable for her actions, but never abandoned her. My daughter still needs help to be successful in her recovery, but what she needs now is different from what she needed when she was first getting sober. Acorn has been with her every step of the way, providing support, and giving her the confidence that she can have (and is worth) the life she wants. What Acorn has done for me is to help me separate myself from my daughter’s life. I have gained the strength to let her make her own decisions, and bear the consequences (good or bad) of those decisions. It is a much more peaceful, happy way for me to live.

Michele C.Family Member

The group sessions with other families were very helpful for us as we realized others were experiencing the same emotions. Family sessions with our daughter’s counselor were also beneficial because we could talk through the do’s and don’ts of being supportive vs. enabling. Seeing our daughter’s improvement over the weeks was amazing. Being able to communicate and share open and honest feelings helped us all through the recovery process. Our daughter is currently 9 months sober. Thank you, Acorn.

Parents of an Acorn alumna